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65 South Menantic Road
Shelter Island, NY, 11964
United States

Shelter Island Cricket Club website. We play an annual game of cricket on Shelter Island to raise money for the Shelter Island Ambulance Foundation.


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The cricket lesson: baseball players learn the English game

Gareth Jones

There’s a bat. A ball. Innings. Runs.

And that’s about it for similarities shared by baseball and cricket.

Oh, there’s also humor, the same whenever athletes of any sport get together.

Example: David Shillingford, English born, resident of the Island and one of the organizers of Saturday’s third annual Shelter Island Cricket Club Charity Match, was asked by someone the meaning of “a sticky wicket.”

Before he could answer, Peter Miedema, Shelter Island High School teacher and baseball coach, immediately said, “I got a shot of penicillin for that one time.”

“You have to have humor with  cricket,” Mr. Shillingford noted, “because a match can go on for days.”

Three high school baseball players who graduated last month, Matt BeltCappellino, Spencer Gibbs and Charlie Binder, along with their coach, Mr. Miedema, showed up Sunday morning at the Island Boatyard, where Saturday’s match will be played, for a cricket lesson from Mr. Shillingford. Read More